"What Road leads To A Photographer?"

An artist’s journey rarely travels the beaten path, and photographer ‘Los’ journey is no exception. 

His journey may have started in 3rd grade, when he fell in love with his teacher, Ms. Poklemba.  In a boyish effort to impress his new love, ‘Los diligently paid attention in class and did everything he was asked. That year he received the award for “Most Artistic.” 

Maybe his journey started during his baseball days in New York City’s Central Park.  It was his first time playing organized baseball in a league and they won two consecutive championships.  Coach Papo always told him he had a great eye; at bat, he rarely struck out, and on the mound, he rarely missed the strike zone.

It’s possible that his path began in 1986 while shooting pool in a dive pool hall on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  Ignoring his mom’s complaints that he was wasting his life playing pool, ‘Los pursued his passion for the game and soon a photographer discovered him.  He told ‘Los he had a great eye and asked him if he was interested in learning photography.

No matter where his journey began, it was during his first film run that Los realized, he had found his zone…ever since, ‘Los has been dedicated to capturing moments of joy, triumph, happiness, excitement; the diverse range of human emotion and experience, with the lens of his camera, and his intuitive sense for being at the right place at the right time.